Action planning

Step #5: Taking action!

A feedback process is effective only if something happens with the ideas obtained. How do you ensure that improvement is actually going to happen?

Marlies Pellikaan

From input to impact: turn feedback into action plans

Your employees have given their feedback, now its time to get started building action plans. Read more for how to get started with action planning.

Marlies Pellikaan

Tips for successful analysis & reporting of employee feedback

You've successfully gathered employee feedback. Here are some tips on analyzing and reporting on the data you've received.

Marlies Pellikaan

Action planning

Now that you have the results of the employee survey from Effectory, it's time to get started with the action planning process! An employee survey is...

Kim Jansen

How to action plan with mixed respondent groups

How can you ensure you create a successful action plan when there are mixed respondent groups in your employee survey?

Kim Jansen

Result & Action: all your survey results and actions, now all digital

Over the last year, Effectory has worked hard with our customers to develop a new way of looking at survey results and translating them into a concrete action..

Merel van der Lei

What should you do with the results of an employee survey?

Where do you start with the results of a survey? It’s a question facing many organisations planning their own employee surveys.

Merel Wijnands

Working together towards a better organisation

Feedback from employees is crucial to the improvement of your organisation. Employees often know exactly what is needed for the organisation to operate more int

Lysanne van den Berg