From input to impact: turn feedback into action plans

Marlies Pellikaan

Your employees have provided their feedback, and now its time to get started building action plans for improvement. We dive into what to look for, and what points to consider when starting action plans based on feedback.

From input to impact: turn feedback into action plans

We’ve already written about what to consider before getting started with employee feedback, if you retrieve feedback via a questionnaire, if you get feedback through interviews or a panel. We shared our tips for a good start of a feedback course and for during and after the research. But feedback is only as good as what is done with it. This is why we’ve taken a close look at how to make an action plan once the feedback results are in. 

Sharing ideas

Plan a moment immediately after you have finished the analysis of the results to discuss all ideas with employees in general. What ideas are there? How do you get started with them? Create a Priority List and put the ideas you want to get started first on top.

How to gather feedback from your employees

The definitive checklist for creating your employee engagement survey.


Actionable improvements

Try converting all the feedback and ideas into the priority list into concrete actions for improvement. By defining targeted and identifiable improvements, and communicating this across the organization, you can increase awareness and engagement of your employees. Having specific initiatives available, for instance team workshops, is an easier way to initiate change, rather than large-scale organizational projects.


If you’ve defined what goals you want to improve, it’s important to keep track of progress. So, make sure that someone is responsible for monitoring each actionable that has been included all the entire plan. Don’t forget to regularly report on the status of the plan of action.

Frequency of feedback

Did the steps taken lead to positive results? Gathering employee feedback during the entire employee journey, clearly defines the touch-points necessary when to continue to the next phase. By following a feedback plan, you’ll know how valuable your investments and efforts have been. Traditional employee surveys often limit themselves to an annual or biennial frequency. But employees’ opinions are, of course, valuable throughout the year, especially if you’re experience or expecting significant organizational change. Customization is important feature. The frequency of feedback must fit your organization or team. By using feedback as a permanent instrument, the more likely you can continue to improve and anticipate time investment, which greatly increases efficiency – making your organization more viable and flexible.

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Want more tips to successfully gather feedback from your employees?

Make sure your quest for gathering feedback from your employees is successful by thinking carefully about the topics above. Our free checklist provides more practical tips for you when you get started with feedback from your employees.

Free checklist: Successfuly gather feedback from your employees

At Effectory we believe that organizations that listen to the feedback and ideas of their employees are more successful. No one better than your own employees know what can be done better, smarter and in a more customer-oriented way. By involving employees in the organization though gathering their feedback, they in turn become more engaged and committed. The best, most innovative companies listen to their employees.

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