Take the opportunity to work from abroad while at Effectory

Shane Wijnhoven

Nina Keijsers, a Customer Success Manager at Effectory, talks about her experience making the most of our ‘Working from Abroad’ policy.

Take the opportunity to work from abroad at Effectory

Secondary Benefits at Effectory

Looking for a new challenge and an exciting opportunity in SaaS? If so, you should take a look at the career opportunities currently open at Effectory.

If you work at Effectory, you’ll be part of a growing company that is dedicated to improving the working lives of millions of people by helping organizations to embrace the power of employee feedback.

Everyone who works at Effectory receives our competitive salary offering and 25 days paid vacation leave each year. They also have access to our range of secondary benefits. Our package of secondary benefits are based on four pillars:

  • Fun & connection
  • Flexibility
  • Well-being
  • Learning & development

As part of both the flexibility and well-being columns, we offer everyone who works at Effectory the opportunity to work from abroad for up to four months.

Working from abroad

The world has changed and people are looking for ways to match their professional lives with their personal goals. For many people, this includes spending time in different places for extended periods of time.

Because Effectory wants to enable its people to pursue their dreams, we have made guidelines on working from abroad.

For any role, and in consultation with your Team Lead, it is possible to work from anywhere within the EU/EEA for a maximum of 4 months a year. It is also possible to work outside of the EU/EEA, although IT and our People & Culture team also have to be involved at least a month in advance of the trip being booked. Alongside digital privacy and security issues, your working hours somewhat overlapping with our Dutch office hours (09:00–18:00 CET/CEST) will also have be taken into account.


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A personal account of working from abroad

Nina enjoying a coffee break while working remotely from Barcelona.

Nina Keijsers, a Customer Success Manager at Effectory, recently took advantage of Effectory’s working from abroad policy. She spent four months in Barcelona, Spain, to experience the local culture as well as enjoy the attractive surroundings and the good weather.

Working at Effectory since 2018, Nina started as a Project Manager, but later transitioned to her current role. Nina says that, because she is responsible for her tasks and is given the opportunity to work flexibly, she is able to organize her work autonomously. This means that she can work as effectively as possible and has a good work-life balance.

On working from abroad for four months, Nina says it is “refreshing and adventurous, something different than the ‘old familiar.’ You are going to broaden your horizons! I think it is good to get to know another culture, norms and values.”

Nina continues, “my work continued online. This included customer appointments via Teams, but also Learning & Development sessions with my team.” Nina of course also enjoyed being in a “holiday mood” whenever she closed her laptop.

Lessons taken from a life experience

Did Nina learn anything about herself or her work that she didn’t know before? “It has made me stronger as a person. When you go abroad alone, you are completely on your own and you will have to do a lot independently. As a result, I learned a lot about myself in a short time, so that I found out what is really important in life. In short: I grew and developed on both a professional and social level.”

To anyone thinking of applying for a job with Effectory, Nina says: “Effectory is a growing company, and there are numerous opportunities within the organization. Your working day is different all the time, but that’s what makes it so much fun, and the freedom with which you can organize much of the working day yourself is perfect.”