People-First ESG Reporting

With Effectory’s science-backed, user-friendly Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Scan, you can:

  • Enable transparency and compliance in line with ESG standards
  • Drive sustainable growth and create long-term value
  • Mitigate financial and non-financial risks and build stakeholder trust
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With Effectory’s science-backed, user-friendly Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Scan, you can:

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Taking the first ESG step can be hard. Here’s how we can make it easier.

Convenient Tool

Convenient Tool

Simplify your ESG data collection and reporting processes. Say goodbye to manual calculations and complex spreadsheets with our user-friendly interface, intuitive dashboards and comprehensive reports.

Rich ESG Database

Rich ESG Database

You don’t need to navigate the complex ESG landscape alone anymore. Leverage the vast wealth of our ESG data and insights to make informed decisions and stay up-to-date on emerging ESG trends.

Substantial Expertise

Substantial Expertise

Benefit from Effectory’s extensive experience and deep knowledge in social and governance dimensions. We’re here to help organizations develop effective strategies and drive meaningful ESG impact.

Key features: A look inside the ESG Scan

ESG Framework

Gain Instant Access to Effectory’s Science-Backed ESG Framework

Our proven ESG framework helps you ensure compliance with EU regulatory requirements by measuring your performance on:

  • Sustainable Health and Safety
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Wage Fairness and Retention
  • Good Corporate Governance
  • Sustainable Culture of Innovation
  • Trust and Tone from the Top
ESG Questionnaire

Send, Collect, Analyze at the Click of a Button

The predefined ESG questionnaire is easy to set up and takes less than 5 minutes to complete. With our tested and validated questions, you can effortlessly automate your ESG data collection, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

ESG Scorecard

Get a Holistic View of Your Results in a Simple Snapshot

Visualize and comprehend your complex ESG data with our intuitive scorecard that provides a clear overview of your overall ESG performance. Your results are compared to industry peers for easy identification of strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement.

ESG Data & Expertise

Obtain Exclusive Access to Effectory’s Insider Expertise

Tap into Effectory’s comprehensive data on ESG topics and get inspired by the latest thoughts from our People & Organization experts, HR chiefs, pioneering thinkers, and responsible investors.

Matthias Ick

Matthias Ick

Founding Partner

We’re excited to adopt Effectory’s ESG Scan across our entire portfolio to excel in ESG efforts and drive long-term value creation. Its intuitive user experience, reporting capabilities, and emphasis on the voice of every employee have elevated our ESG reporting practices to new heights. Effectory’s ESG Scan has become an indispensable asset for our future investments.

Products we use:

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What’s in it for me?

Investor Reporting and Stakeholder Engagement

Effectory’s ESG Scan provides clarity, precision and transparency, ensuring that you can easily align your ESG initiatives and insights with all other teams and stakeholders.

Regulatory Compliance

Stay ahead of evolving regulations and minimize potential penalties or reputational damage.

Drive Sustainable Growth

Strengthen relationships with customers, regulators, and the community to drive growth and customer loyalty.

Effortless ESG Data Collection and Analysis

Effectory makes it easy to collect and analyze data and provides insights and recommendations for next steps.

Stakeholder-Ready ESG Reports

Present your data in an easily digestible format, ideal for both internal and external stakeholders.

Employee Engagement and Employer Branding

Foster a diverse, inclusive, and value-driven work environment and attract new talent.

Build Stakeholder Trust

Provide transparent, comprehensive and data-driven insights into the ESG practices of portfolio companies.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Ensure portfolio companies thrive in a rapidly changing market, comply with regulations, and manage stakeholder pressure.

Increased ROI

Strong ESG performance leads to increased efficiency, better risk management, and a more engaged and productive workforce.

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