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Unlock the opportunities that lie within hybrid working:

  • Gain precise insights into employee experiences and needs
  • Discover growth potential hidden in your hybrid setup
  • Fortify your foundation for a successful hybrid work culture
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Unlock the opportunities that lie within hybrid working:

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Why choose the Hybrid Working Scan?

Boost Employee Experience

Boost Employee Experience

Transitioning to hybrid work isn’t just about technology and schedules—it’s about people. Our scan delves into employee experiences, bringing their needs, hopes, and struggles to the forefront. Prioritize job satisfaction, work-life balance, and overall wellbeing and transform not just your workplace, but the lives of your employees.

Pinpoint Improvement Areas

Pinpoint Improvement Areas

Balancing collaboration, team spirit, productivity, and a healthy work-life rhythm can be tricky in a work environment that blends on-site and remote work. Yet, they are the building blocks for a successful hybrid workspace. Our scan is designed to help you spot those little changes that can make work smoother and more productive for everyone.

Increase Engagement and Retention

Increase Engagement and Retention

Listening and responding to your employees builds a strong sense of connection and trust. Our scan is your testament to this commitment, paving the way for a work culture that retains current talent and appeals to prospective employees. The Hybrid Working Scan is more than a tool; it’s an active step towards a workplace where every voice counts.

Navigate hybrid work with confidence: here’s how it works

Hybrid Working Scan Framework

Customizing Your Hybrid Strategy

Start your journey with a tailored consultation that examines your organization’s structure and performance across seven essential dimensions related to the future of work:

  • Wellbeing
  • Enablement
  • Team dynamics
  • Collaboration
  • Leadership
  • Connectedness
  • Fit for the future

We ensure the framework fits your unique requirements, setting you on the right path.

Hybrid Working Scan Survey

Effortless Scan, Big Impact

The Hybrid Working Scan is a quick process, taking just a couple of minutes of your employees’ time. Our scan consists of an approved library of 43 questions, seven of which are compulsory. Each question serves as a key, unlocking deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities your hybrid setting presents. In this way, the scan allows for meaningful improvements, setting the stage for substantial, transformative impact in your organization.

Hybrid Working Scan Dashboard

Immediate, Transparent, Practical

Once the scan is finalized, everyone in your organization, from interns to CEO, gets instant access to the results via our user-friendly dashboard. This isn’t just a place for data and charts, but a valuable source of knowledge. Alongside the survey results, you’ll find helpful tips and guidance to make sense of your scores and enhance them.

Hybrid Working Scan Scorecard

From Insights to Actionable Strategies

In our follow-up call, we’ll talk about what the results mean for your organization. We help you see the differences between how well you think things are going and how your employees actually feel. Spotting these gaps is an essential first step in making positive changes. You can then transform these findings into clear, practical steps to improve your hybrid work setup. This way, you’re not just getting data, you’re outlining the roadmap to a more efficient and harmonious workplace.

Manuel Talavera

Manuel Talavera

Grupo Catalana Occidente

We can change technology, systems and operations, but it is our people who are in charge of managing all these changes. That’s why we need to know how people feel.

Products we use:

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What’s in it for me?

Drive Strategic Change

Lead your organization confidently through the shift to hybrid working, leveraging insights to drive meaningful change and achieve strategic goals.

Strengthen Your Hybrid Work Culture

Use employee insights to build a robust hybrid work culture, enhancing connectivity and promoting employee wellbeing.

Future Readiness

Prepare your organization for the future by understanding the nuances of hybrid working, and lay the groundwork for a successful hybrid work culture.

Unlock Full Potential

Harness the full potential of hybrid working to address unique employee needs and align your strategic objectives, leading to improved organizational performance.

Optimize Wellbeing and Performance

Address key challenges with collaboration, team cohesion, and work-life balance and optimize your employees’ wellbeing and performance.

Guided Actions

Get expert guidance for meaningful team discussions and follow-up actions, aiding in proactive decision-making based on employee feedback.

Improved Team Dynamics

Identify areas of improvement to enhance team dynamics, collaboration, and leadership in a hybrid setting, promoting productivity and team cohesion.

Employee Enablement

Understand your team’s needs to enable them effectively in a work environment that blends on-site and remote work, thereby promoting job satisfaction and performance.

Connectedness and Engagement

Boost team connectedness and engagement by understanding and addressing their specific needs in a hybrid work setup.

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