Believing in your own abilities

If you know you are good at your job, you can take on the world. But in order to really take advantage of your talents, you have to have enough freedom.

Guido Heezen

If autonomy no longer suffices: try Job Crafting!

Does Job Crafting really affect employee well-being that much? Or is it just some new hip term used to attract attention?

Baran Metin

HR analytics: autonomy and employee engagement

Discover data-driven insights on autonomy in the workplace and learn how autonomy impacts employee engagement and performance.

Baran Metin

Effectory seven years after the transition to self-management

It’s been seven years since Effectory switched from a traditional organizational structure to self-managed teams. Looking back, would we do the same?

Guido Heezen

Self-management and employee feedback: a coach’s perspective

If you're going to strip away hierarchies, make sure you create a feedback culture and the right framework for your people to thrive.

Myrjam Gerritsen

Work environment

Optimal work environment go beyond basic amenities, they create opportunities where employees are free to work, perform and do what they are good at and develop

Arne Barends