Organizational development: Perpetual motion

How do you shape continuous organizational development? Essentially, the process comprises three steps: 1. Start with your mission statement

Guido Heezen

Promoting diversity and inclusion in your organization

What does it mean to be an organization that promotes diversity and inclusion? Esther Mollema, founder of Direction Europe and the HPO Center, provides answers.

Marlies Pellikaan

1.5 meter economy

Organizations should not make too many structural changes in anticipation of a 1.5 meter economy.

Guido Heezen

Changing organizational culture

How does organizational culture change? Ricardo Troiano, Head of Change and Organizational Effectiveness at Syngenta, answers this question.

Marlies Pellikaan

Jobs of the future: Humans and robots hand in hand?

The worldwide concern about the rise of AI and robots is growing. But is that right? In this blog you read more about how robots and humans can go hand in hand.

Guido Heezen

The secret of successful organizational change

Are you struggling with organizational change or are you just interested in how change can be successful? Read more to find out our tips.

Guido Heezen

Are your employees resisting change?

Although change is inevitable, the way in which individuals and organizations adapt and apply change is one of the most important factors within organizations today.

Lysanne van den Berg