86% of new employees recommend employers to their friends

Suzanne Mancini

New employees are excellent ambassadors for their employer. Recently we conducted a large-scale research amongst 280,000 employees in the Netherlands. Of the employees surveyed, those who have been employed less than one year, over 86% recommend their new employer to friends and acquaintances. This number decreases from the second year, and after five years is down to 70%. The group of new, enthusiastic employees can help organisations to attract more talent, with minimal costs.

86% of new employees recommend employers to their friends

New employees are very positive about their employer in the first year of employment. They are proud of the organisation (78%) and satisfied with their work (90%). They’re also quite happy with their new colleagues (89%) and their managers (85%).

Slowly losing enthusiasm

After five years, the enthusiasm for an employer decreases. About 70% of employees are still proud of their organisation, and 84% remain satisfied with the work that they do. Also, 84% are still happy with their colleagues, and 77% with their managers. These rates continue to decline with duration of employment. During the course of an employee’s career, they gradually become less enthusiastic about their employer.

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Rose coloured glasses

Guido Heezen, director and founder at Effectory explains this, “The enthusiasm of the first year always makes more room for realism. Employees who enter are overwhelmed by all the new impressions. They see all aspects of the organisation for the first time, and in most cases the reality contradicts with this enormously. In time, less favourable aspects become more visible – and the rose coloured glasses come off. The loyal staff, who really fit within the organisation remain.

Attracting Talent

Keeping the right talent is becoming more and more integral. “These employees have already completed the selection process successfully. They fit in the organisation, and can properly assess who fits into the organisation within their network,” says Heezen. “They tell great stories and are invaluable ambassadors. We also know that talent that joins an organisation via referral from other employees are often a great fit. For employers, it’s good to be aware of this opportunity. Stay in touch with new recruits. Did they receive all the information needed to do their job properly? Do they understand how the organisation operates and it’s goals? An onboarding survey can help. It’s worthwhile to invest in new staff, so they can get a head start, and share their enthusiasm with the outside world.

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