Employer branding survey


What is your employer brand? And what is the value of having a strong employer brand? Research has revealed that a strong employer brand has a great impact on employee engagement and organisational performance. When employees feel connected to the brand, they speak proudly of the organisation and make an effort to understand the bigger picture.

By gaining an insight into how your employer brand is perceived by your workforce, you are able to identify why your staff choose to work for you. This information can be used externally to attract talent.

By embedding the results of the employer branding survey wisely, you immediately work on the Employee Net Promoter Score: the extent to which your employees would recommend you as an employer. This is the ’employee’ equivalent of the customer Net Promoter Score used by external marketing functions.

How strong is your employer brand?

We can help you determine how your employees think about your employer brand. With the use of an employee survey, you can find out exactly how your workforce perceives your organisation’s image. Are you a great place to work for; are you attractive for talented people? Request more information on this topic, or get our free manual for a successful employer branding survey.

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