Survival syndrome survey

Today's economy has an impact on employee attitudes. Not all companies face difficulties, but there are many that are currently experiencing downturns in their employee engagement scores. By assessing the measure and attitudinal drivers of survival syndrome, the after effects of significant organisational change (e.g. downsizing), it becomes possible to manage it in a way that organisational performance, productivity and loss of key employees is minimised.

Although a great deal of work has gone into research behind the causes and appropriate management of the issue, it is actually relatively straightforward and inexpensive to assess with a simple survey, administered at regular intervals during and after the change.

Critical management information

Effectory International has developed a dedicated employee survey which is quick and easy for employees to take, and which provides you - the employer - with critical management information. Our survival syndrome survey will illustrate how deep the issue goes, where it is most prevalent, what drives it within your particular organisation and, finally, how best to manage it.

Employee attitude assessment

Effectory International specialises in employee survey and attitude assessment and does not benefit from post-research consulting. To this end, our clients are guaranteed an independent and fully objective assessment of the critical information they need to best protect their organisations.

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