These are 2022’s World-class Workplaces

Marlies Pellikaan

Effectory’s World-class Workplace label is awarded to organizations who are scored above the benchmark for engagement and employership. Here’s who has won the label in 2022. 

These are 2022’s World-class Workplaces

Since 2020, the World-class Workplace label has provided organizations and Effectory the opportunity to celebrate great employership. The label is not for sale and is based solely on the feedback of employees. Only organizations that perform above a geographical benchmark are awarded the label. 

2022’s great employers 

The organizations that are labelled World-class Workplaces this year can be found over on World-class Workplace.

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All the companies awarded the label ran a company-wide survey which asked its employees to provide their level of engagement and to rate the organization’s employership. Only organizations whose eNPS and employership scores were above the benchmark for their geographical regions are awarded the World-class Workplace label.  

Effectory’s benchmarks are based on millions of responses from employees located all over the world, meaning that those organizations awarded a World-class Workplace label know that their high ranking is based on a reliable and comprehensive data set.  

The Industry Winners

Here’s all the industry winners for this year’s World-class Workplace label. The overall winners will be announced on June 2.

DELA NederlandInsurance
ENEXIS GroepEnergy, water & telecoms
GarciaRetail – Clothing
HanzestrohmManufacturing & Industry
HeembouwBuilding & infrastructure
Prominent Comfortproducten B.V.Retail – Furniture and Interior
ThuisvesterHousing corporation
Tony’s ChocolonelyRetail – FMCG
Visser & VisserAccountants
WarmteserviceRetail – Construction and DIY
Combinatie JeugdzorgYouth Care
ContourdeTwernCare and Welfare
FrankelandgroepNursing homes and Home care
JadosMental health care
LeviaanRegional Institution for Protected and Supervised Living (RIBW)
PharmaLeadCare (other)
Stichting SIGCare for people with disabilities
Ziekenhuis Nij SmellingheHospitals

Pathé NL celebrates being a World-class Workplace

Pathé in the Netherlands is an Effectory user and one of this year’s World-class Workplaces. Bartjan Top, its Manager HR Development & Administration, says about receiving the label:

We’re very excited with the announcement that Pathé is a World-class Workplace! Without all our colleagues at Pathé, we wouldn’t be such a great place to work, and we think it’s essential to listen to them and hear their feedback.

A ceremony celebrating great employership, during which the highest performing organizations will be announced, is due to take place this fall. Keep up to date with news by signing up to our newsletter

About World-class Workplace 

World-class Workplace continues Effectory’s dedication to cultivating and celebrating employee engagement and fantastic employership with the power of employee feedback. 

Effectory’s intuitive and easy-to-use platform ensures organizations a seamless employee listening experience, and its 200+ employee listening experts are dedicated to organizational success. Now organizations worldwide can easily create surveys in 59 different languages and aimed at achieving their goals, compare team results to global and 56 industry benchmarks, and get tips & insights to make data-driven decisions.   

Would you like to be labelled a World-class Workplace in 2023? Get in touch with one of your engagement experts to find out how. 

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