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Employee commitment survey

Employee commitment survey

Employee commitment allows an organisation to grow and become more competitive. It is a key variable in determining organisational performance, and an employee commitment survey is an essential tool for organisations looking to measure employee commitment.

What is employee commitment?

Types of employee commitment

In our work with multinationals, we use the following general definition:

Commitment is the bond employees experience with their organisation. Broadly speaking, employees who are committed to their organisation generally feel a connection with their organisation, feel that they fit in and, feel they understand the goals of the organisation. The added value of such employees is that they tend to be more determined in their work, show relatively high productivity and are more proactive in offering their support.

Going into more detail, there are three distinctive types of employee commitment:

Affective commitment

Affective commitment relates to how much employees want to stay at their organisation. If an employee is affectively committed to their organisation, it means that they want to stay at their organisation. They typically identify with the organisational goals, feel that they fit into the organisation and are satisfied with their work. Employees who are affectively committed feel valued, act as ambassadors for their organisation and are generally great assets for organisations.

How to create impactful employee commitment surveys

This free practical guide is based on our years of  experience and is ideal for helping you and your organisation set up a successful, impactful employee commitment survey.

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Normative commitment

Normative commitment relates to how much employees feel they should stay at their organisation. Employees that are normatively committed generally feel that they should stay at their organisations.  Normatively committed employees feel that leaving their organisation would have disastrous consequences, and feel a sense of guilt about the possibility of leaving.

Continuance commitment

Continuance commitment relates to how much employees feel the need to stay at their organisation. In employees that are continuance committed, the underlying reason for their commitment lies in their need to stay with the organisation. Possible reasons for needing to stay with organisations vary, but the main reasons relate to a lack of work alternatives, and remuneration.

3 Key Types of organisational commitment

Employee commitment surveys

Effectory International's employee commitment survey shows you, in detail, how committed your employees are. More importantly, it shows you in what way your employees are committed:

  • Affective commitment: employees want to fit into the company;
  • Normative commitment: employees feel they cannot be missed;
  • Continuance commitment: employees think they do not have a better alternative.

Naturally, you aim to have only employees with affective commitment, since this has a highly positive correlation to your organisational performance. And yet you also have employees with continuance commitment, who are present but do not perform. Crucially, without this breakdown it is possible for conventional assessments of commitment to miss the underlying situation by a wide margin.

The 4 influencers of employee engagement and commitment

Commitment Map

Our employee commitment survey will map out precisely how many negatively committed employees you have and where they are based, providing you the tools to make the required changes. You will be able to increase the number of affectively committed employees and positively influence your performance.

Moreover, we measure the level of employee engagement, employee motivation, employee loyalty, employee absenteeism and employee efficiency within your organisation.We always show you how your results compare to our benchmarks, which clearly illustrates where you rank amongst your competitors.

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Employee surveys with impact

Employee surveys with impact

Effectory International's employee surveys are focused on change where it really happens: at local team level. Our survey projects emphasise creating dialogues rather than collecting data. We aim to maximise our partner's impacts, whilst minimising their effort in all aspects.  Discover more about our surveys today

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