Customer orientation

The world of HR variables

There is a common perception that if employees are satisfied, they are automatically committed to the organisation and vice versa.

Nicholas Burman

What is customer orientation?

Customer orientation has been studied frequently and comprehensively around the world. Essentially, it means observing the wishes and needs of the customer...

Arne Barends

Your people are your service

Your employees need to feel passionate about your organization in order to bring it to life where it matters most.

Suzanne Mancini

Empower employees to be more customer focused

To become more customer-focused, employees need more freedom to optimally serve and please their customers, without being troubled by rules, procedures and prot

Guido Heezen

Happy employees ensure satisfied customers

When organisations cooperate well with their employees, engagement, commitment and customer focus increase.

Danny Paulich

The relationship between HR variables

The two basic elements of the Effectory International employee survey are satisfaction and commitment.

Axel Schiphof

How can you influence HR variables?

Being informed of the importance and meaning of the HR variables is one. Gaining an insight into the HR variables and knowing how you can influence them is...

Arjen Swank