How HR can improve training and development with Employee Feedback

An employee listening strategy offers HR the opportunity to identify training and development opportunities that can improve the workforce.

Guido Heezen

You need space in order to grow

How can you help your employees to develop now that organizational structures tend to be flatter?

Guido Heezen

Personal leadership begins with awareness

When enough employees are able to become a better version of themselves, it has a tangible effect on the organization's culture. Without being instructed to do

Guido Heezen

How to give feedback to your boss? Importance of feedback in leadership development

What is the best way to deliver feedback to leadership? And how can you, as a leader, open yourself up to it?

Marlies Pellikaan

The secret of successful organizational change

Are you struggling with organizational change or are you just interested in how change can be successful? Read more to find out our tips.

Guido Heezen

Focus on a growth mindset

Organizations are looking for people who are open to change and able to learn new skills quickly. How do you find and, more importantly, keep those people?

Suzanne Mancini