Team building

Facilitate increased engagement with employee training activities

Effectory facilitates increased engagement through training sessions

Marlies Pellikaan

Team building activities

It takes more than a relaxing company day trip or a challenging team building activity for a team to be well attuned to each other. Find out more.

Anique van Eijk

Engaging employees

The more motivated employees are, the better they perform. Do you want to know how to motivate your employees? Read on...

Myrjam Gerritsen

Team-building games

You can find a variety of team-building ideas online, but do these types of games really help you achieve your goal? To help teams perform better, you need to..

Anique van Eijk

How to build confidence in your team?

How to build confidence in your team? This is a key question for new teams, team member changes or situations where team members’ trust has been lost.

Anique van Eijk