Work atmosphere

HR can measure DEI&B outcomes for a more successful workplace

HR strengthens a workplace's ability to be inclusive. Employee feedback provides insights that can inform an effective DEI&B strategy.

Christian de Waard

Working hard is only possible in a good, positive atmosphere

Many organizations are currently concerned about the high burn-out risk, so what can they do to protect their employees?

Guido Heezen

What’s the ROI of employee happiness?

Employee happiness is a hot topic. Google it, and you’ll see a long list of results show up. Is it just a hype or is it actually paying off?

Suzanne Mancini

What is employee absence?

Every organisation has to contend with illness, to a greater or lesser degree. Occasionally every person, and so also every employee, is unable to come to work.

Lodewijk Noordzij

A coach’s experience in a self-managing company

I recently started as a team coach at Effectory, an organisation which, as you might already know, doesn’t have managers. What is that like?

Myrjam Gerritsen

War for talent: learn from love in a tight job market

A relationship between two similar people is likely to be an easy one. Will they challenge each other? Add this as a fresh perspective to your hiring process.

Axel Schiphof

86% of Dutch employees are proud of the work that they do

Over 86% of employees surveyed in a recent Effectory research, indicate that they are proud of the work they do.

Suzanne Mancini

Work environment

Optimal work environment go beyond basic amenities, they create opportunities where employees are free to work, perform and do what they are good at and develop

Arne Barends

What is employee effectiveness?

Despite the popularity of the concept, there continues to be much confusion in HR literature about how to define and measure effectiveness.

Lodewijk Noordzij

How should you manage employees?

Should you manage employees by monitoring them? Or by trusting them?

Rogier van der Werf