86% of Dutch employees are proud of the work that they do

Suzanne Mancini

Dutch employees are proud of their work and they enjoy what they do. Over 86% of employees surveyed in a recent Effectory research, indicate that they are proud of the work they do. The statement “I like my job” is rated on average with a score of 8.0 (on 1-10 point scale where 10 is the highest). Effectory recently conducted a national survey, gathering 300,000 responses from employees in the Netherlands. Here are the results.

86% of Dutch employees are proud of the work that they do

Why are the Dutch so happy with their work? For one, positive contact with colleagues plays a major role. The statement “I have nice colleagues” on average scored an 8.1. More than 78% of employees believe that having a good relationship with colleagues, positively impacts their work. An additional factor in influencing work enjoyment, is the possibility of development of personal interest. Dutch employees feel that they directly contribute through their work (again score of 8.1), which leads them to pursue options in personal development (score of 7.8).

Love / hate relationship

Work provides satisfaction in various areas,” describes Guido Heezen, director and founder of Effectory, “In addition to the financial need to work – work provides structure, social contacts and personal growth.” Heezen continues, “It is striking that employees often have a kind of love / hate relationship with their job. They love to take vacations and they sometimes dream of retirement, but without work, there is a significant lack of daily purpose that is not being reached. People love their jobs, especially the regularity and purpose that it gives. Work imparts status and recognition, it adds to one’s identity.

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