Attract top talent through diversity and inclusion

Bronwyn Wainwright

Diversity and inclusion must be part of your organization’s values in 2018 if you want to boost talent acquisition, innovation and richer decision-making.

Attract top talent through diversity and inclusion

Creating an inclusive workplace goes beyond social etiquette and playing nice in the office. Richard Warr, a professor of finance at North Carolina State University contends there is a solid business case for how diversity positively impacts profit and growth.

The bottom line: Warr’s collaborative research on the performance of 3 000 publicly traded companies between 2001-2014 shows that a more diversified workforce correlates with increased innovation, resilience and growth.

McKinsey supports this notion not only through their much-cited research but also their own organizational practice. They contend that organizations with more diverse workforces perform financially better than those without.

Build a multitalented team

Creating high-performance teams starts in your hiring processes. McKinsey asserts that organizations with an emphasis on diversity attract higher caliber talent, which is the foundation for improving customer orientation, decision making, and competitive advantage. This in turn creates a cycle of increasing returns.

But as tech giant Google has shown in recent months, diversity and inclusion require due consideration and the right channels for expression.

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Provide a platform for inclusion

Ensuring that your employees have the right channels is essential to ensure that everyone feels safe to share their thoughts and opinions. 

You’re not going to retain your top talent if they don’t feel valued, understood, and comfortable. Introducing frequent moments for feedback plays a crucial role in achieving an inclusive culture.

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