Arjen Swank

Why Effectory?

Before we actually spoke to someone from Effectory, we received interesting newsletters and mailings from Effectory. After speaking to someone on the phone, we received a very informative brochure and a handy manual. We then had a constructive meeting with Effectory. After this meeting we could confidently make the decision to go ahead with Effectory. They were able to explain very clearly what the possibilities are, why Effectory was better than other suppliers and which survey setup suits Auris best. There was a good feeling from day one.

There was a good feeling from Day 1. Effectory really invests time in you and thinks along to find the best options.

What have you been able to do with the outcome of the employee survey?

Our results were categorised into different locations in order to specifically address the good and the bad scores. To make sure the results are acted upon by the indivivual locations, a location-specific presentation was given by Effectory. In addition, with help from Effectory, our management team invested time and effort into embedding the results further along the way with their team members. When all our employees knew what the areas for improvement were and the points to be proud of, we communicated the overall action plan in our internal newsletter and our intranet. Overall, we learned that we need to think more from the perspective of our clients rather than from our own processes.

With which items were you really impressed during the performance of the survey?

  • Collaboration between Auris and Effectory
  • Clear reports which are easy to use and read
  • Contact with the project team (project manager, consultant and sales)
  • Excellent feedback on the outcome of the survey

What was the effect of the survey for you?

It gave us new insights into important matters and confirmed some things we already suspected. Effectory has helped to gain an insight into the what-question (areas for improvement), the where-question ( what is going onwhere in the organisation) and the to-what-extent-questions (not all action points have the same impact on organisational improvement).

In what way did the survey add to the strategy of the organisation?

It truly reinforced us in our choice for the strategy we have within the organisation.

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