Employer branding


Employer branding

Employer Branding is a a critical hot topic: how can organisations brand themselves such that they are perceived both inside and outside of the workplace as a good and therefore attractive employer?

The basis for employer branding lies in the individuality of your organisation…

Apart from the enormous benefits to employee engagement, performance, motivation  and productivity, the opportunity to understand your employer brand is a major reason for conducting a well-designed survey.

Often we see the more positive outcomes of an employee survey feeding a brand program that, in turn, is used to attract potential employees.

And by driving a brand based on actual perceptions you ensure that new employees are not disappointed a few months into their new roles. It is a common theme demonstrated by a many studies showing engagement drop-off after 3 to 6 months.

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Reducing turnover

Some argue that it’s not about branding, but it’s undeniable that understanding intimately what is best about your work environment, then acting upon it during recruitment can and does reduce subsequent turnover. It also tends to mean you employee the right people, first time and that they are more productive and successful within the organisation.

Being or becoming the best employer

Attracting talent by boosting your employer brand could create dissatisfaction when it turns out you are not quite as good as you appear to be. Research has shown that the best employers have a congruent balance between what employees think and feel about their organisation and how potential talent perceives the organisation from the image they have. 

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