Free HR Handbook: How to Modernise my Organisation

Lodewijk Noordzij

Wouldn’t you rather modernise your organisation instead of reorganising it? In the ‘HR Handbook: How to Modernise my Organisation?’ you will find practical tips on how to get started. You will discover how your organisation can become sustainably successful.

The free ‘HR Handbook: How to Modernise my Organisation’ (e-book) was written to inspire HR management in how they can work towards creating a sustainably successful organisation. We believe that HR can make the difference in increasing business success. We hope that you are the positive exception who makes optimum use of your employees’ talents.

Subjects covered in the in HR Handbook

The HR Handbook deals extensively with the following subjects:

  • Applying social innovation
  • Trusting or checking up on employees
  • In search of social value
  • Assigning responsibilities to lower levels in the organisation
  • Development opportunities: getting better at what you do.
  • Tracking down energy leaks that prevent employees from performing at their best

You won’t be able to introduce all these items in your organisation at once or on a short term. However the e-book will provide you with enough tips on how to get started and how to take the first steps together with your employees.

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