Organizational development: Perpetual motion

How do you shape continuous organizational development? Essentially, the process comprises three steps: 1. Start with your mission statement

Guido Heezen

Self-management: how to create a self-managed culture

Creating a self-managing culture requires careful planning and a defined framework. Here are four steps to consider when de-structuring managerial layers.

Myrjam Gerritsen

Out of control freaks

Maintain control by giving it up: That is the essence of self-managing teams. How do you do that as a control freak?

Marlies Pellikaan

7 employee feedback trends to look out for in 2017

Last year we served over 600 companies, measuring employee engagement through feedback and have developed 7 feedback and engagement trends to watch for in 2017.

Axel Schiphof

Are your employees resisting change?

Lysanne van den Berg

Free HR Handbook: How to Modernise my Organisation

Wouldn’t you rather modernise your organisation instead of reorganising it? In the ‘HR Manual: How to Modernise my Organisation?’ you will find practical tips..

Lodewijk Noordzij


The success of a re-organisation or cultural change program depends, to a large extent, upon the way in which your human resources function deals with the...

Kim Jansen