Improve team dynamics

Jessica Nuboer

Teams are looking for quick and dirty ways to monitor and improve themselves in becoming high performance teams. Monitoring team dynamics through feedback is directly related to team performance and energy. That’s why there’s Effectory’s solutions.

Improve team dynamics

Team dynamics

Effectory has multiple convenient online tools, that allows teams to find out where opportunity for improvement lies, in a quick and easy process. While helping improve team dynamics (and workplace dynamics) through gathering feedback from members.

A healthy team dynamic is the new competitive advantage

Why do so many teams choose Effectory?

Our solutions help teams to improve workplace dynamics, by the team members themselves. Our solutions are made for organizations and for teams. Because of this, the results and the outcomes of a scan are held within the team’s responsibility for insights into their own team performance and dynamics. In short, it enables teams to monitor their own performance and improve.

How to gather feedback from your employees

The step-by-step guide to creating your employee engagement survey.


#1 simple, fun and quick to do

Participants answer stimulating statements about themselves and their team in a fun and practical way.

#2 What does it take?

A scan takes about 15 minutes to complete. After the entire team has completed their scan, the results are immediately available for next steps and improvement. You’ll get helpful tips and tricks to improve performance and dynamics, with explanations and practical exercises for your team.

#3 Use as often as you want

The best way to use feedback surveys, is to use it as often as the team needs to. For example, use them at the at the start, during, and end of a project, to regularly measure how performance and dynamics was influenced during the project. Or, use them during a team day, in preparation for a team meeting, as input for a coaching process or whenever there is a need to take a look under the hood. That’s the flexibility you’ll get with Effectory – the opportunity to shape and define the responsibility towards team performance and dynamics as a team.

#4 Take action and improve team dynamics

Every survey round aims to help teams take the next steps in their development as a team.

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