3 smart ways to use employee feedback: Part 1 – How to conduct program and policy evaluation surveys

In the first part of our blog series, we'll show you how to improve organization-wide policies and programs with employee feedback. 

Iulia Bogyo

How to improve team dynamics and drive organizational success

Learn how improving team dynamics boosts productivity, fosters collaboration, and drives your organization's success in this insightful read.

Iulia Bogyo

15 steps to ignite a feedback culture in your organization. Part 2: Effectory Case Study

At Effectory, giving and receiving feedback is an integral part of our culture. In a conversation with CEO Christian de Waard and Chief Strategy Officer Don Griffioen, we pieced together the story of Effectory's feedback culture and how we’ve built it.

Anna Eliseeva

How HR can improve training and development with Employee Feedback

An employee listening strategy offers HR the opportunity to identify training and development opportunities that can improve the workforce.

Guido Heezen

7 best strategies to improve employee engagement

Read Effectory's best ideas and strategies to boost your employee engagement in 2021: with real business examples.

Arne Barends

Occasionally staring into space isn’t that crazy

Being fully absorbed in your work and taking big steps gives employees a lot of satisfaction.

Guido Heezen

Team management: how to setup for success

In team management if you continuously demonstrate the behavior and attitude you want your team to represent, you can expect them to follow suit.

Arjen Swank

Eight essential questions about employee productivity

At many organizations, employees are still largely working from home. These organizations will need their employees more than ever this fall.

Guido Heezen

Working from home tips for productivity and focus

How can we maintain productivity and focus? We have asked this question to neuropsychologist, author and TEDx speaker, Mark Tigchelaar.

Marlies Pellikaan

The importance of trust in your organization

In a culture of fear and intimidation, the innovation and the overall effectiveness of the organization will suffer. Read more about the importance of trust.

Amilcar van Mulier