The Dutch experience the highest workplace happiness of Europe

Suzanne Mancini

A recent study by Effectory describes how Dutch employees are enjoy their time between nine to five. On the job, both employees and management experience a work-life balance which supports workplace happiness.

The Dutch experience the highest workplace happiness of Europe

“Happiness isn’t only determined by hard factors such as salary, additional benefits or a well-designed office space, but more by soft factors,” says Guido Heezen, director and founder of Effectory. Every year, Effectory carries out the Global Employee Engagement Index conducted in 54 countries worldwide. “European scores show that freedom at work, friendly colleagues, motivational management and a healthy work-life balance are important for making people feel satisfied after a long day of work.”

Scores for on the job happiness

How does the Netherlands score on these topics? 75% of Dutch respondents answered the question of whether employees are happy with their work positively. While the European average is 73%. The Dutch also have the freedom to conduct their work at their own discretion (74% compared to 69% average in Europe) and can work emotionally well (75% compared to 72% average in Europe). The open atmosphere often experienced in the Dutch workplace, greatly contributes to this.

The Dutch appreciate their colleagues with an average of 70% (on par with the European average). Management is generally less appreciated: the European average is 61%, the Netherlands scores a 62%. Finally, if we look at work-life balance, the Dutch experience a 69% where the European average is a 66%. Flexible working hours, availability of part-time jobs and parental leave, are considered factors which contribute to this.

Work happiness is contagious

“The results show that the Netherlands is doing well,” concludes Heezen. “Work happiness is influenced by focusing on the person behind the employee. Spending a lot of money on high salaries or bonuses will not make the difference. Listening to the ideas of employees, take their needs seriously and showing appreciation does play a crucial role in workplace happiness. These factors influence workplace happiness, and should be considered by employers that make a big difference for employees. It’s a win-win situation. Organisations that score high on work happiness usually perform better.”

About Effectory

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