The four super powers of engaged employees

Suzanne Mancini

Employees can be the super heroes of your organization. When they’re engaged in their work they’re more passionate about what they do and often put in 100%. But how does that benefit your organization?

The four super powers of engaged employees

Super power 1 – 21% more productive 

Research shows that employees who are engaged in their work are 21% more productive than their less engaged colleagues. They are more motivated and enjoy their work, making them more productive (even if this goes unnoticed). They get more results without putting in the extra hours. And they’re usually more customer-oriented.

Super power 2 – 37% less absent

The rate of absenteeism of engaged employees is 37% lower than average. You get positive energy from being more passionate about your work, which has favorable effects on your health and wellbeing. Engaged employees feel more responsible for their work, which means that they are less likely to call in sick. That being said, it’s important as an employer to make sure your employees find a healthy work-life balanace.

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Super power 3 – 65% more loyal

Engaged employees are 65% less likely than average to leave your organization for another employer. Engaged employees are more loyal, which means that you can retain the knowledge acquired for a longer period of tim . You’ll also save on recruitment costs and on training new employees.

Super power 4 – 22% more profit

All together, engaged employees generate 22% more profit for your organization annually. That’s huge, and something you can achieve without any extra investment. All you have to do is adopt good employment practices while establishing the right framework to encourage enthusiasm amongst your employees. Employees who feel good about themselves enjoy what they do and deliver great quality work; they are the real super heroes of your organization!

*The percentages are based on the biannual Effectory Global Employee Engageement index, results from research with 400,000 employees across 800 organizations, as well as diverse publications about enthusiasm in Scientometrics and the Journal of Applied Psychology.