The ideal HR manager

What makes an ideal HR manager? After discussing the question with several CEOs of international organisations, we've condensed the key characteristics that make great HR managers.

The ideal HR manager

Finding the ‘ideal’ anything is often a hard task. Especially when it comes to the work place, as many positions require different skills. We can however, identify qualities in people that make them great at something.

What do CEOs think?

With this in mind, we recently sat down with several CEOs of international organisations to discuss with them what makes an ideal HR manager.  Nearly all of the CEOs identified several ‘basic’ requirements such as administrative duties and job vacancies as the basis of ideal HR managers.

In addition to this, the majority of the CEOs that we interviewed identified three specific qualities that they associate with great HR managers.

How to maintain a healthy balance between compliance and engagement

3 quintessential qualities of great HR managers

  • The ideal manager is at home in the organisation- they understand the business, know what makes the organisation tick and know its core business.
  • He or she ‘speaks the same language. CEOs need full trust in their HR managers, and so it is therefore vital that HR managers apply organisational policies and appropriately convey the organisation’s message to employees.
    • Finally, ideal HR managers challenge the current systems in place. They are professionals that contribute ideas and have their own vision on how to increase employee satisfaction, productivity and employee engagement.
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On top of the basic requirements, the best HR managers display the three qualities above and strive to help CEOs and organisations reach their potential. At the other end, the best CEOs realise that the key to having engaged employees is support and collaboration from HR managers.