The importance of employee vitality and well-being

Suzanne Mancini

The boundary between work and home has increasingly become blurred. Whilst blurred boundaries are not necessarily bad, it is the speed at which the boundaries have blurred which has resulted in many employees struggling to adapt and find an appropriate work-life balance.

The importance of employee vitality and well-being

Whilst the rapid development has undoubtedly made our lives easier, it has also made it more difficult for employees to switch off from work and take time out. If you’re ever in doubt of the impact that technology has on our lives, take a look at your fellow travellers the next time you are on a train.

Chances are nearly everyone is on their smartphone checking their emails, Facebooking, Tweeting or keeping up to date with current affairs.

Always up to date

Being online 24 hours a day means that employees spend more time working than they may realise. Even when on holiday, employees keep up to date with what’s happening in the office and although it may seem innocent, it reduces the time employees are switched off from working and related stressors.

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Energy and health

And that becomes a problem in case it affects employees’ energy and health. In order for employees to have positive levels of vitality and well-being, they need to have a good balance between energy and stress, a good work-life balance, manageable workload, and they need to be physically fit.

The added benefits of this are that less sick days are taken, productivity increases and employee engagement and commitment is higher. Further, such employees have a much better balance between stress and energy, and can work longer, with much more enjoyment.

Big impact

When employees suffer low vitality and poor well-being for long periods of time, the consequences for both employee and organisation are harmful. Symptoms can range from a loss of physical vitality, to psychological stress or problems, to burnouts. Although much depends on the situation, low vitality and poor wellbeing are the main causes of long term absences and even the minor harmful effects can have a big impact on productivity and motivation.

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