Work load

What is employee performance?

There is no general, overarching theory about employee performance. The effectiveness with which organisations manage, develop and stimulate their employees...

Bronwyn Wainwright

The importance of employee vitality and well-being

The boundary between work and home has increasingly become blurred. Many employees struggle to adapt and find an appropriate work-life balance.

Suzanne Mancini

What is employee vitality?

Employee vitality is attributed to people who are lively, enthusiastic and spontaneous. In short, vital people are those who feel good, both physically and 

Marlies Pellikaan

More than half of employees struggling to deal with stress

Discover how you can effectively manage and deal with workplace stress. 

Axel Schiphof

Enhancing employee vitality and well-being

Discover the three main areas that organisations can focus on to improve employees’ vitality and well-being.

Rogier van der Werf

Just 65% of employees experience a good work-life balance

Results from our global employee survey reveal that less than two thirds of employees experience a good work-life balance.

Rogier van der Werf

How to create a good work-life balance

Work and life are increasingly intertwined, with a good balance between the two becoming more and more important for employees.

Lysanne van den Berg

What is employee turnover?

Every employee has a certain value for an organisation. Depending on this value a distinction can be made between functional (desired) and dysfunctional...

Lodewijk Noordzij