This is what employee listening can bring your organization 

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Why is listening to your employees so incredibly important in a crisis situation? Merel van der Lei, Chief Product Officer at Effectory, has the answer.

This is what employee listening can bring your organization

She shares everything you need to know about “Continuous Employee Listening” and listening environments. What is it and how do you use it to ensure the success of your organization? Read all about in in this blog article.

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Continuous employee listening – Webinar 

Continuous employee listening can help you and your people perform better. Chief Product Officer Merel van der Lei tell you all about it on this webinar.

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Continuous Employee Listening” — it sounds very modern and appealing, but what exactly does it mean? And more importantly, what’s in it for you? This term means “having the resources to get feedback on important topics in your organization from anyone and at any time.” Not just listening, but also learning and taking action. Daring to change. And that’s important because if you want your organization to be able to keep up with global developments, it is important to be agile.

Agile working

The world is constantly changing, but is your organization keeping up with it? In order to be successful and stay successful, your organization must be able to adapt to specific, dynamic situations, such as COVID-19. This only works if your employees work with you — or, in other words, if they feel engaged. Did you know that employees who feel this sense of engagement are 30% more adaptable than employees who do not? In short: You cannot create an agile organization if your employees do not feel engaged.

Listening, learning and taking action

How do you create this kind of engagement? Using “Continuous Employee Listening”. This doesn’t mean that you have to get your employees to fill out questionnaires all of the time. It means that you have the right resources to get valuable feedback at any time, for example, by using an onboarding survey, a team survey, or an exit questionnaire. But listening alone is not enough. You also need to learn from this feedback and take action. Really listen to what people are saying, stop and do something about it. Change, improve and create a sense of engagement. 

Ask the right questions

The right listening strategy is all about asking the right questions. What is the quickest way to start getting the best out of your new employees? What can encourage increased or better performance from your current employees? And how can you make sure that employees who are performing well will continue to work for you for a long time? If you ask the right questions, really listen and take the right action, your employees will feel more engaged, work harder for you and stay with you longer.

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Create a listening environment

All of this sounds great, but how do you go about creating a listening environment? You need to implement three elements on three levels.

The three elements are:

  1. Constant access: You must be able to listen and receive feedback at any time.
  2. Relevance: You must be able to ask everyone the right questions.
  3. Maturity: Your organization must have the experience, willingness and resources in-house to really do something with this feedback — Effectory can help you with this.

The three levels are:

  1. Central: These questions focus on the alignment of your organization.
  2. Local: These questions are more focused, for example on a team or a particular topic.
  3. Specific to an event: These questions focus on a specific and temporary event, such as a merger or COVID-19.

Aim for more success

Once you start really listening to your employees, your organization will begin to reap the benefits. There are many benefits for organizations that use “Continuous Employee Listening” to respond quickly to what’s happening around them:

  • Employees work more efficiently (21%) and are more engaged (22%).
  • Employees are less likely to switch companies (18%) and they make fewer mistakes (15%).
  • Alignment goes up by 31% — keeping your employees on board and on course.

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