What is it that talent is looking for in 2018?

Marlies Pellikaan

Each and every company is looking for the same thing: talent. But true talent is like a hidden gem. How can you as a company make yourself more appealing to talent?

What is it that talent is looking for in 2018?

With today’s job market, retaining talent is proving more and more difficult each day. A competitive salary can be good bait without offering you a guarantee that they will stay. What is it employees are looking for?

1. Contribution to a better world

Not every employee wants security and predictability. It’s the talents that are looking for something else. They want to contribute to something bigger, like a better world. This is why they swarm to companies that have a clear role within society. A place where each employee is offered the opportunity to consider ways to improve the company’s future.

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 2. Personal development

It’s talented employees that value the chance to enhance their personal development. Taking steps towards creating a greater self. That doesn’t necessarily mean in a managerial position. Talent is constantly on the lookout for new challenges and looking for ways to improve themselves through education and training. They also thrive on change, diversification of tasks and interchanging functions.

3. A positive work atmosphere

Millennials appreciate an environment where they can be themselves. They connect on a personal level with colleagues. They enjoy a positive work atmosphere. This contributes to why they are drawn to companies that have great cooperation.

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4. Autonomy

Sometimes protocols, procedures and rules can be like running into a brick wall. It’s always best to work with a clear path, giving people the freedom to do their job properly, however they deem fit. Granting employees autonomy helps them work more effectively. Just be sure not to give them too much leeway. Generation Y values personal feedback, but not just once a year. Continuously. And on the work floor.

 5. Happiness

Generation Y don’t live to work, rather they work to live. Show employees that they fit in with the company, that they are valued and that their contribution is meaningful. Give them the opportunity to engage with their work. Offer them the support they need to work through coaching and sufficient resources.

6. Authenticity

Employer branding is nothing to be ashamed of provided you base it on the company’s true identity. Apply complete honesty when stating what you have to offer as an employer. This will increase your chances of keeping promises which were made to candidates and attract more people that will feel at home within your company, resulting in them wanting to stay. You can review this with an onboarding survey. This particular survey enables you access to whether or not expectations which were offered during the recruitment phase were met or not. Is your job market communication authentic? Talent will give you the inside information.

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