HR analytics

Effectory Reveals Top 10 Employee Survey Topics of 2023 (and Their Implications for 2024) 

Effectory reveals the top 10 employee survey themes of 2023, highlighting the critical shift towards engagement, adaptability, and resilience in evolving work environments.

Sophie Corlay

The right HR Analytics solution for your business

Discover what is the right HR Analytics solution for your business. Choose the proper people analytics tool.

Kay de Koning

How to use people analytics in your HR strategy

In this article you will learn what is People Analytics and What are the 5 steps to build a people analytics strategy.

Alexander Pietrus

Is using data algorithms and machine learning to analyze people ethical?

Should we be alarmed, or should we embrace the use of machine learning and other algorithms to make decisions about people?

Wouter Buzing

People Analytics is “trending”

Answering impossible issues by using People Analytics. Too good to be true? Think again! Learn more about our new add-on.

Wouter Buzing

Did you know there is an HR analytics revolution in organizations?

Curious how an expert experiences this analytics revolution in organizations, and where HR Analytics fit in the picture? Read Wouter Buzing's view.

Wouter Buzing

HR Data Analytics: a powerful tool, used with integrity

HR data analytics are a powerful tool, but they shouldn't be used for discrimination of employees. Read more here.

Guido Heezen

HR analytics: role clarity impacts performance

Discover data-driven insights about role clarity in the workplace and learn how role clarity impacts employee and organizational performance.

Lieke Pijnacker

HR analytics: autonomy and employee engagement

Discover data-driven insights on autonomy in the workplace and learn how autonomy impacts employee engagement and performance.

Baran Metin

Purpose of HR analytics

When all decisions made are based only on numbers in Excel spreads, without seeing the human side, an organisation becomes less personal.

Guido Heezen