Effectory Reveals Top 10 Employee Survey Topics of 2023 (and Their Implications for 2024) 

Sophie Corlay

As 2023 comes to an end, we’re witnessing a significant transformation in the world of employee surveys, signaling a shift that could redefine workplace dynamics.

Effectory Reveals Top 10 Employee Survey Topics of 2023 (and Their Implications for 2024) 

As McKinsey pointed out: 80% of SaaS companies will embrace AI-driven survey tools by 2025, clearly setting the stage for major shifts in 2024. In addition to technological trends, this article reveals the top 10 themes from this year’s employee surveys. Effectory collects 50 million responses per year from customers in all types of industries: Healthcare, Finance, Technology, Retail, Governmental Institutions, NGOs and more. 

Facing New Realities: Work Environments are Changing and Employee Engagement is Declining  

In 2023, the landscape of employee surveys saw a critical shift, reflecting a deeper focus on engagement, market adaptability, and organizational resilience. Within evolving work environments, these surveys have become vital tools for navigating the complexities of modern business dynamics.  

Gallup’s reports of declining employee engagement in the U.S. and Europe since 2020 show the need for companies to reconnect with their workforce. They need to understand the factors that drive employees to connect more deeply with their work and the company’s mission. 

As remote and hybrid models become more prevalent, surveys have become key in assessing how well employees and organizational practices adapt to these shifts. Heading into 2024, the importance of employee surveys is expected to increase, with a shift towards more dynamic, real-time feedback to promptly address employee needs. 

In essence, the role of employee surveys is transforming from a reactive, data-gathering exercise to a proactive, strategic tool essential for guiding businesses through the uncertain waters of the modern workplace. As companies prepare for 2024, the lessons learned from the previous year’s survey data will be invaluable in shaping a more engaged, responsive, and agile organizational culture. 

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These are the Top 10 Employee Survey Topics in 2023 

The employee surveys of 2023 have highlighted key themes, reflecting the changing priorities within modern workplaces: 

  1. Engagement 
  1. Employership 
  1. Psychological Safety 
  1. Enablement 
  1. Alignment 
  1. Role Clarity 
  1. Inclusion 
  1. Team Leadership 
  1. Customer Focus 
  1. Autonomy 

These top 10 topics indicate a shift towards holistic employee experiences, workplace well-being, and more empathetic, inclusive, and dynamic work cultures. This suggests a growing recognition of the human elements that drive business success, beyond just operational outcomes or technological progress.  

The Impact of The Top 10 Themes 2023 on Business Success in 2024 

  • Engagement: Engaged employees are 21% more productive (Gallup), highlighting its importance for business performance. 
  • Employership: A strong employer brand is crucial for attracting and retaining talent in a competitive market. 
  • Psychological Safety: This influences innovation and adaptability, key for thriving in changing markets. 
  • Enablement & Alignment: Equipping employees for efficiency and aligning their goals with business objectives drives strategic success. 
  • Role Clarity: Clear roles improve job satisfaction and operational efficiency, reducing conflicts and misunderstandings. 
  • Inclusion: Diverse and inclusive workplaces are 35% more likely to outperform competitors (McKinsey), fostering innovation and better decision-making. 
  • Team Leadership: Effective leadership is correlated with a 20% increase in organizational success (Gallup), essential for guiding teams and achieving objectives. 
  • Customer Focus: Focusing on customer satisfaction leads to loyalty and growth, impacting the bottom line. 
  • Autonomy: Promoting autonomy enhances employee satisfaction and encourages a culture of innovation, crucial for adaptability. 

As we look into 2024, several forward-thinking trends in employee surveys are set to redefine how organizations engage with and understand their workforce. These trends not only reflect the evolving needs of modern businesses but also offer a roadmap for companies looking to stay ahead in a dynamic work environment. 

1. Enhanced AI Integration: The future of employee surveys will be heavily influenced by AI and machine learning. These technologies are transforming the way we collect, analyze, and interpret employee feedback, offering deeper insights and predictive capabilities. This shift towards AI-driven analysis will enable businesses to understand complex employee sentiments more effectively and tailor their strategies accordingly. 

2. Focus on Mental Health and Holistic Well-Being: A significant trend that’s gaining momentum is the focus on mental health and overall employee well-being. Surveys are increasingly including aspects that address emotional and psychological health, reflecting a broader understanding of what constitutes a healthy and productive work environment. 

3. Rise of Pulse Surveys: Moving away from traditional annual surveys, there’s a clear trend towards frequent pulse surveys. These shorter, more regular surveys are essential in hybrid and agile work environments, providing timely insights that can inform immediate action. 

4. Continuous Feedback Loop: In 2024, the emphasis will be on creating a continuous feedback loop. Regular employee engagement through multiple surveys throughout the year will become a norm, offering a real-time pulse of the workforce. This approach allows for swift responses to emerging issues and trends, fostering a more responsive and adaptive work culture. 

5. Crossing Application Boundaries: The intersection of employee surveys with other HR processes is becoming more pronounced. By integrating feedback mechanisms with other aspects of HR, such as performance management and workforce planning, organizations are creating a more holistic view of the employee experience. This integrated approach is vital for building a comprehensive ‘sense and respond’ system that aligns employee sentiment with broader business objectives. 

6. Employee-Customer Experience Synergy: Another trend is the exploration of the intersection between employee experience and customer experience. Understanding how these two areas influence each other can lead to more cohesive strategies that enhance both employee satisfaction and customer loyalty. 

Adapting to the Evolving Landscape of Employee Feedback 

The insights from 2023’s employee surveys are vital for companies to navigate the evolving business dynamics of 2024. Aligning strategies with these insights positions companies for success in a changing business environment. 

Key trends like AI in sentiment analysis, agile feedback mechanisms, and integrating Voice of Employee (VoE) with HR processes signify a fundamental shift in organizational response to employee needs. Companies must adopt dynamic, continuous survey methods and leverage AI for deeper insights, ensuring a holistic view of the employee experience. Effectively integrating these approaches equips companies to meet employee needs, enhance workforce engagement and productivity, and drive business success. With employee experience becoming a critical performance driver, the ability to accurately assess and respond to employee feedback is essential. 

As 2024 approaches, businesses should assess their survey strategies. Are they capturing comprehensive employee sentiment and utilizing advanced tools for analysis? Are they translating these insights into actionable change? Effectory, serving over 1,200 customers, offers expertise in creating sustainable solutions for lasting organizational success. Discover the best solution for your company. 

Surveys 2024: A Strategic Tool for Business Success 

Employee surveys are rapidly evolving from traditional feedback tools to strategic resources for business insight and success. Utilizing these insights in 2024 will be crucial for navigating the complexities of the modern workplace and achieving sustainable growth and sustainability. 

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