Artificial Intelligence

7 essential security measures at Effectory: Behind the scenes with our Chief Information Security Officer

Join us as our Chief Information Security Officer, Wouter, unveils the layers of protection that keep your and your employees' data secure at Effectory.

Iulia Bogyo

Effectory Reveals Top 10 Employee Survey Topics of 2023 (and Their Implications for 2024) 

Effectory reveals the top 10 employee survey themes of 2023, highlighting the critical shift towards engagement, adaptability, and resilience in evolving work environments.

Sophie Corlay

How AI is Revolutionizing Employee Feedback Technology: Insights from Effectory 

Explore how Effectory uses AI to transform employee feedback technology, enhancing efficiency, data privacy, and user experience in the evolving digital workspace.

Sophie Corlay

Technological unemployment: What’s next?

"Technological unemployment." This concept refers to the mass displacement of jobs due to technological change. But is that forecast realistic?

Marlies Pellikaan

How to use people analytics for an effective COVID-19 response

How do you keep employees engaged during the COVID-19 crisis? What is the real impact of remote working on productivity? People analytics gives you the answers.

Marlies Pellikaan

The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) means a radical rethink of HRM policy

How are robotization and artificial intelligence (AI) changing the workplace, and what does this mean for HRM policy?

Guido Heezen

Purpose of HR analytics

When all decisions made are based only on numbers in Excel spreads, without seeing the human side, an organisation becomes less personal.

Guido Heezen