HR video

A simple metaphor for employee engagement

How can you effectively communicate how employee engagement and engaged employees work, and what it means for your organisation? 

Marlies Pellikaan

New look for a new direction

Hit the refresh button. Effectory has a new new look and feel to share with the world. But we have updated more than just our logo.

Bronwyn Wainwright

How we spurred growth and customer satisfaction by letting go of control

From a traditional hierarchy to democratically self-managed teams.

Jessica Nuboer

3 incentives to conduct employee surveys

Pondering over whether to conduct an employee survey? Discover the three major incentives for organisations to conduct regular surveys. 

Ruben van Dijk

The 8 secrets to enhancing employee engagement

How can HR demonstrate their true added value as business partners, and help drive employee engagement and commitment across every organisational level?

Nik Penhale Smith

Why it’s time to change compensation system

The current compensation system adopted by many organisations is outdated in today’s workplace. As a result, talented employees are being stifled...

Nik Penhale Smith

Employee engagement: how does Europe compare globally?

3.1% of employees in Europe are engaged in their work, whilst a further 28.9% of employees are engaged and committed. But how do these figures compare?

Nik Penhale Smith

What should you do with the results of an employee survey?

Where do you start with the results of a survey? It’s a question facing many organisations planning their own employee surveys.

Merel Wijnands

From Employee Satisfaction Survey to Employee Survey; A Big Difference!

Everybody has come across this type of person: “The Perennial Victim!”. People who think that everything happens to them, that fate rules and that they can do v

Kim Jansen