The 8 secrets to enhancing employee engagement

How can HR demonstrate their true added value as business partners, and help drive employee engagement and commitment across every organisational level?

Driving employee engagement

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Together, the 8 secrets provide step by step, practical and actionable guidance on how HR can take the lead in driving engagement and commitment.

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An important distinction

At Effectory International, we are often asked to explain the difference between engagement and commitment. Engagement is an intrinsic attitude that denotes an employee’s enthusiasm for his or her job. Commitment, on the other hand, denotes an employee’s enthusiasm for the company he or she works for. To provide insight into the level of employee engagement and employee commitment within an organisation, we categorise employees into four types: engaged and committed, engaged, committed and neither engaged nor committed. The four types differ in the following way:

  • Engaged and committed employees are both engaged in their work and committed to the organisation. Employees love their work and the company they work for.
  • Engaged employees are engaged in their work, but not committed to the organisation.
  • Committed employees are committed to the organisation, but not engaged in their work.
  • Employees that are not engaged or committed are neither engaged in their work, nor committed to the organisation.

We believe that the best case scenario is when an employee is engaged in the job and committed to the organisation. If an employee is only engaged, there is the distinct risk that they are not committed to the organisation, and vice versa. 

Europe's top 5 countries for employee engagement and commitment

One of the most frequently asked questions that we receive from HR professionals is: how do we (as HR professionals) help drive engagement and commitment throughout our entire organisation?

How we uncovered the 8 secrets

In order to address the frequent inquiry, we recently decided to spend time analysing and studying all of our employee engagement surveys, with the specific aim of identifying the policy and practice similarities of highly scoring organisations.

One of our primary aims was to investigate which specific organisation wide policies and practices HR can focus on to help drive engagement and commitment

What happens when employees are neither engaged nor committed?

The 8 secrets

The conclusion of the research produced 8 clear organisational practices and policies that can be implemented by HR to create impact. We compiled our findings into one to create the 8 secrets of enhancing employee engagement:

          A compelling organisational direction

          Inspiring leadership

          Removing senseless bureaucracy

          Less management

          Value the specialists

          Social innovation

          Transparency and information sharing

          A modern compensation system

Each of the 8 secrets represent possible avenues where HR can take the lead in driving engagement and commitment. We believe that by implementing just one of the above secrets, HR can create real impact. Our hope is that the 8 secrets help HR become champions of engagement and commitment, and that it further helps HR demonstrate their true value as business partners.

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