3 incentives to conduct employee surveys

Ruben van Dijk

Pondering over whether to conduct an employee survey? Discover the three major incentives for organisations to conduct regular surveys.

Employee surveys can create tremendous positive impact within organisations. They do however require significant time and financial commitment, and as such it leaves some organisations wondering if surveys are the right enhancement tool for them.

Our experience shows that there are three major incentives for organisations to conduct regular employee surveys.

The key role of HR in employee surveys

The value of creating dialogue

Employee surveys are today, still one of the most effective tools to create open dialogue with employees. Starting a dialogue with employees and providing a platform for them to be heard, can bring enormous added value to organisations. Specifically, there are two main reasons as to why open dialogue and giving employees a voice is so valuable:  

  1. Employees have a lot of knowledge about organisations. They know exactly what is going on in the workplace. They know the strengths and weaknesses of organisations, and often have ideas on possible solutions to specific problems.
  2. If employees are given the space and opportunity to share their point of views, employee engagement, commitment and motivation is stimulated.

5 factors of successful employee engagement surveys

Additional benefits

When performed well, an employee survey clearly resembles the employees’ point of view. After all, it contains direct feedback from the organisation about the organisation. It provides valuable insight into workload, role clarity, efficiency, work atmosphere and leadership, as well as providing detailed information on employee engagement and commitment.

Alongside this, surveys provide detailed insights into the performance of teams, leaders and managers and furthermore, help uncover issues that have the potential to damage employees’ engagement and commitment.

5 steps to create impactful employee surveys

3 incentives

Our work with multinationals has shown us over the years that there are three major incentives for organisations to conduct regular employee surveys:

       1. Your employees

Employee surveys not only provide a great platform for employees to voice their opinion, but also create a platform for employees to have the feeling they are impacting positive change in the organisation.

        2. The organisation

From your survey results, you’re able to gain insights into what’s going on in your organisation. Not only can you see where best practices are and where you can share them, but you can also see where improvement opportunities lie.

       3. Organisational values

If your organisation is value driven or is inspired to be a more value driven organisation, an employee survey can provide a great view into what extent values are known. More specifically, surveys reveal to what extent values influence the day to day behaviour of your employees.