Benefits of employee engagement – Effectory

Why employee engagement is so important? In this article we explain all the benefits of employee engagement and engagement surveys!

Floor Lewin

Engaging employees

The more motivated employees are, the better they perform. Do you want to know how to motivate your employees? Read on...

Myrjam Gerritsen

Gen Y needs a boost in employee engagement

Employee engagement for Gen Y has dropped over the past four years. What can organizations do to reverse the trend?

Guido Heezen

Level up on gender equality: give your employees a voice

Give your employees an equal voice on women's day. Give them a safe feedback channel to reveal their talent, ideas and experiences.

Axel Schiphof

Employee motivation survey

Motivated employees are an asset to all organisations. They propel the organisation forward by positively influencing the work climate, attitudes, customer...

Marlies Pellikaan

Inspiring immediate managers – The fourth key pillar of employee engagement

As businesses go in search of higher levels of employee engagement, being (and having) an inspiring manager has never been so important.

Rogier van der Werf

Are good people managers a pain in the ass?

The added value of being a good people manager is often overlooked and in doing so, managers are missing out on a golden opportunity.

Rogier van der Werf

How managers can create higher engagement levels

Discover the three key areas that managers can focus on to create higher levels of employee engagement and commitment.

Rogier van der Werf

The relationship between HR variables

The two basic elements of the Effectory International employee survey are satisfaction and commitment.

Axel Schiphof

What is employee motivation?

The word 'motivation' derives from the Latin word for movement 'movere'. In motivation literature different definitions for motivation are given.

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