Employee motivation survey

Marlies Pellikaan

Employee motivation survey

Motivated employees are an asset to all organisations. They propel the organisation forward by positively influencing the work climate, attitudes, customer orientation and, ultimately, organisational performance.

How can you influence the motivation of your employees?

Firstly, assess how motivated they are through an employee motivation survey. The Effectory International employee survey will give you a clear insight into the level of motivation amongst your employees.

We analyse motivation according to six basic needs:

  • Security;
  • Excitement and variation;
  • Significance (making a difference);
  • Connecting with others;
  • Growth;
  • Contribution.

The employee motivation survey results will enable you to understand how to increase motivation. Additionally, Effectory International offers you a practical tool to improve employee engagement, employee commitment, loyalty, absenteeism, staff retention and effectiveness. We always show you how your results compare to our benchmarks, whether you require a national, European or industry benchmark.

Do you want motivated employees?

Respect them, communicate with them, offer them opportunities for development and, above all, know what they want and need. In short, make them part of the organisation.

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