5 ways HR can modernise organisations

Axel Schiphof

How can your HR department help modernise your organisation? Within this blog I discuss 5 ways in which HR departments can help their organisation modernise and optimise performance.

5 ways HR can modernise organisations

HR has been a trending topic of late. There has been an array of blogs, articles and discussions on HR, and the future role that HR can play. From articles that state we no longer need HR departments, to articles that do see a need for HR departments. One thing is for sure; HR has been a hot topic of conversation.

The focus of HR

One reason why there has been much discussion on the role of HR is due to the recent focus that the majority of HR departments have had.

Over the last few years there’s been a lot of cuts and downsizing in the vast majority of organisations. The focus of many HR departments has been to bring the top-down structure back into the workforce, and that makes sense. HR departments have had to tread a thin line between the interests of employees and the interests of organisations, and this has inevitably led to much public discussion.

Why We Shouldn’t Discard HR Departments

Regardless of all the discussion, the reality of the cuts is that in the best case scenario there has been an increase in the productivity of employees, but on balance it is unlikely that the cuts and downsizing have added to long term sustainability. Numerous employees have been asked to do the same work with fewer resources, and although this may be a short term solution, the longer-term challenges still remain.

Many organisations are now slowly moving towards a phase where they continue in much the same vain as they previously did and whilst this is perhaps positive news, it is a missed opportunity for HR.

How HR can lead business success

HR and employee listening are crucial to business success. Here is how employee insights can help your organization.


Modernise your organisation

Whilst there has been much restructuring and change in organisations, HR departments have a great opportunity to take the lead in helping organisations to modernise and optimise their performance. From working with HR departments in numerous international organisations, we’ve seen five ways in which HR departments can help organisations modernise.

The 5 ways in which HR departments can best help organisations modernise are:

  • Use social innovation and join forces with your employees to look for ways to deliver more value, work more effectively and reduce costs.
  • Trust your employees and try to get rid of as many unnecessary rules as possible.
  • Give employees more value in the eyes of their managers.
  • Change the end goal of development opportunities and salary growth to becoming better at your profession (rather than becoming a manager as soon as possible)
  • Track down the structural energy leaks that are still present and change them to ensure your organisation is performing optimally.

By using these HR departments can help ensure their organisations are performing optimally, are adopting a modern approach and ultimately, are one step ahead of the game. 

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