Effectory expands their global reach with its new division in South Africa

Jessica Nuboer

Effectory strengthens its global reach with the opening of a local division in Cape Town, South Africa to further support the EMEA (European Mid-East Africa) market. Effectory has long been a household name in the European market for providing business solutions through employee engagement surveys. In partnering with local consultancy provider Alchemize, Effectory anticipates expanding their offerings to southern Africa.

Effectory expands their global reach with its new division in South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa / Amsterdam, The Netherlands – March 3, 2017

As Arne Barends, Director & Founder at Effectory explains, “We understood the need to expand into the African market, as the HR profession is under rapid development.” As seen in Effectory’s recent Global Employee Engagement Index, employee engagement and performance has potential for significant improvement in the South African market. “In opening Effectory South Africa in partnership with Alchemize, we hope to enable local organisations in reaching their goals with engaged and committed employees,” said Arne.

Based in Cape Town, Alchemize is a strategy consultancy company, passionate about finding and bringing out the gold in people, teams and business performance. Alchemize is headed by change management experts Frederique Veldhuis and Jessica Boonstra. In partnership with Alchemize, Effectory South Africa will primarily offer Effectory’s employee engagement surveys.

Frederique Veldhuis of Alchemize for Effectory South AfricaFrederique comes with an extensive background in executive and professional consultancy, supporting executives in their goals for working toward sustainable organisational improvement. She has spent more than a decade working in multiple commercial roles within Heineken and Nike. She has lived and worked in various countries in Europe, and is currently based in Cape Town, South Africa. “We observe how companies are more and more turning their focus from simply driving volume, towards more purpose-driven strategies and generating employee value. We believe that Effectory has fantastic value to add and we are excited to work with them.

Jessica Boonstra of Alchemize for Effectory South AfricaJessica brings a broad expertise in board-level strategy, business development and innovation. Before moving to Cape Town, she held positions as Director of Group Strategy and Director of Online Business Development at Ahold. Boonstra’s specialty lies with driving impact in changing environments, identifying new business opportunities and offering clear oversight to complex situations. “South Africa is a fascinating market where entrepreneurship, resilience and innovative problem-solving are key.”

We are in the process of expanding on our engagement and feedback measuring solutions and technologies,” says Barends. “We are continuing the process of evolving as an organisation as part of our strategy for further international development within the next years. We are thrilled to have Frederique and Jessica joining our team, and contribute their extensive field expertise to support us in strengthening our position in the South African market.

To contact Frederique Veldhuis or Jessica Boonstra for more information on employee engagement surveys in South Africa, please visit www.effectory.com/contact.

About Alchemize

Alchemize is a young South African / Dutch consulting company, passionate about helping small-medium, and large companies find and bring out the gold in their people, teams and business performance. With a fundament of 25+ years of combined formal senior business management, the experts at Alchemize bring in a ‘touch of magic’ in the consulting and coaching experience. Together, we co-create unique change trajectories that make a deep and long-lasting impact.

About Effectory

Based in Amsterdam, Effectory is Europe’s largest independent employee survey provider, with over 20 years of experience in helping organisations become sustainably successful. We believe the key to sustainable success, is through gathering and listening to employee feedback. To facilitate this, we offer a variety of feedback tools which enable companies to learn from their employees and improve from within. In 2016, Effectory conducted over 600 employee surveys globally, with +1.5 million respondents in over 40 languages. Effectory is mission-driven, and we pride ourselves in having engaged, passionate employees with a very open, honest and trusting working culture.

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