Effectory strengthens Supervisory Board

Marlies Pellikaan

We are thrilled to announce that two external members, Idgar van Kippersluis and Quintin Schevernels, will be joining Effectory’s Supervisory Board.

Effectory strengthens Supervisory Board

Idgar and Quintin will complement the Supervisory Board which, up to now, consisted of Arne Barends and Guido Heezen, the founders of the company. The Effectory crowd and leadership team are delighted to welcome Idgar and Quintin. Their wealth of experience and perspective will further drive the rapid growth of Effectory across Europe. 

Idgar (1972) is a Distinguished Fellow at Insead and runs The Fairness Factory, which promotes fairness in society. He is also the founder and senior advisor at Standard Investment, a hands-on private equity firm. In addition, he has a broad level of experience in consultancy. (McKinsey and Bain & Company). For his full resume see: https://www.linkedin.com/in/idgar-van-kippersluis-807120/.  

Quintin (1971) is CEO of Funda and member of the Supervisory Board of Infotheek. He is extremely well vested in the Dutch tech start-up and scale-up scene, and is both shareholder and advisor to more than a handful of these companies. For his full resume see: https://www.linkedin.com/in/quintinschevernels/.

Happy to have you on board. Good luck gentlemen! 

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