Effectory top 10 benefits of survey

Arne Barends

We have summarised the 10 most important benefits of survey when you use an Effectory survey.

1. All crucial insights in one model

Unlike any other survey vendor, Effectory International presents all crucial HR information in a single model that is easy to understand. Apart from information about the satisfaction and motivation of your employees, you will also obtain an insight into employee engagement, committment, loyalty, risk of absenteeism, turnover intention, effectiveness, efficiency, and customer orientation. The combination and interaction of these behavioural factors drives your performance as an organisation.

2. Embedding the survey in your organisation

A survey on its own will not lead to improvements. To ensure that you gain an optimal return on investment and benefit the survey at its most, we pay a great deal of attention to embedding the employee survey into your organisation. Therefore, the survey is owned by your employees and managers before, during, and after the project is complete. As a result you can be confident that the results will lead to behavioural change.

3. Many years of experience in large-scale surveys

Effectory’s clients are predominantly medium to large organisations. This means that we have a great deal of experience with large-scale surveys. Interviewing tens of thousands of employees? An international survey? Complex rollout across your business units? Not a problem!

4. Support from a specialised project team

Your survey will be facilitated by a dedicated project team that reflects the nature and size of your organisation. You will profit from their extensive knowledge of occupational psychology and business administration. Moreover, they know exactly what the pitfalls and success factors are when conducting a survey.

5. Your survey is always customised

The survey will be completely customised to your current situation and your topical subjects, which ensures your employees recognise themselves in the survey. You will hit the nail on the head, guaranteeing that you can use the results of the survey in order to immediately improve issues.

6. Thoroughly validated question database

You profit from our thoroughly validated question database, utilising extensive Effectory benchmarks.

7. Methodology

Effectory International has excellent facilities and services to conduct any type of survey, whether paper-based, online, telephone or face-to-face. Whatever you require, we can provide.

8. Link to business outcomes

An important benefit of Effectoy survey’s is that you will receive tangible management information about intangible business drivers. We link your results to other performance indicators within your organisation. This allows you to see the instant effect on your turnover, profitability and performance.

9. Great benchmark and analysis possibilities

We offer powerful analyses, thanks to the advanced benchmarks of the European Motivation Index® and the Effectory Priority Matrix®. With the priority analysis, you can efficiently make improvements where they are most needed. Furthermore, we can benchmark by country, by industry or by function for an optimal benefit of survey. (e.g. accountant or business administrator).

10. Multiple survey setups

Effectory International has experience working with large organisations. We have noticed that within a central framework, subsidiaries would like to have the option to tailor large scale surveys to their individual needs. We have the tools and expertise to make it happen!

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