Employee engagement


To provide insight into the level of engagement and commitment within an organisation, we categorise employees into four types: engaged and committed, engaged, committed and neither engaged nor committed. The four types differ in the following way:

  • Engaged and committed employees are both engaged in their work and committed to the organisation. Employees love their work and the company they work for.
  • Engaged employees are engaged in their work, but not committed to the organisation.
  • Committed employees are committed to the organisation, but not engaged in their work.
  • Employees that are neither engaged nor committed are neither engaged in their work, nor committed to the organisation.

The ideal combination

We believe that the best case scenario is when an employee is engaged in the job and committed to the organisation. Employees that are both engaged and committed are the gems in your organisation, and are the employees that will help drive your company forward and help you achieve your business objectives.

Increasing employee engagement

From our years of experience of working with organisations to increase employee engagement, we’re convinced the best way to do so is by working from the bottom up. In addition to a bottom up focus, we’ve found that organisations are most successful when they focus on creating impact from their employee survey results.

Potential for growth

The latest figures for employee engagement and commitment in Europe stand at an average of 24.5%. At the top, Austria have 35.4% whilst at the bottom, Ireland have 14.5%. What this tells us is that as organisations, there is an enormous potential to increase employee engagement!