Employee journey model, initiating opportunities for change

Rogier van der Werf

Change is unavoidable. In business, it’s a near constant factor that managers and employees face more and more often. As a sales consultant, I get asked all the time why organisations should alter their approach to employee journey model, if what they’ve been using has worked in the past. I’m going to attempt to answer this to help quell uncertainties that arise when HR managers are facing aversion to implementing new processes that facilitate the employee journey within their organisation.

employee journey model

How the employee journey can drive change

A lot of times managers will find themselves mulling over how employee journey model processes should be different. They’ve read articles of how it’s done in similar industries, or they share their complaints over a Friday post-work drink with colleagues. The ideas for modefying systems are there, but there are doubts that come with it. For now, the processes they’ve used for years are, “good enough.” They do the job, even though they cost time, money and are a pain to work with, and finally when all is said and done, managers swear off the process.

This happens, and when it does initiations to change systems get delayed and put on the back burner before they’ve been fully fleshed out, without clear ROI or supproting arguments made. This results in a continuation of the status quo, and outdated systems will continue to be used and will end up to be quite costly in the long run.

So far, this isn’t anything new. Things come up, and delaying a change in employee journey model processes, can have its reasons. Contractual obligations, upcoming company-wide changes, overdue projects, can always hinder introducing new processes, even with the best of intentions.

Still, while I understand and relate to this, it can also be an opportunity. An opportunity for an initiative to start working towards change, and a trust-based and collaborative culture.

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How to use the employee journey

Implementing a new approach towards employee feedback is where the opportunity lies. It provides new perspectives, and can help the employee journey model to be accepted throughout the entire organisation. Instead of waiting for the dust to settle, use this as momentum to implement new approaches and systems.

Where current tooling has proven to be functional (which is as an important factor), it doesn’t compare to the benefits gained from agile and future-proof technologies. Maybe the biggest challenge is to ensure that every manager understands that there are incredible benefits from optimizing the added value of your employees, rather than continuing down a road that is comfortable, but outdated.

Building a collaborative culture

One of our core beliefs at Effectory is that managers and employees alike, should feel safe to self-start initiatives for improvement based on facts from feedback, rather than of assumptions. Exactly this type of action-planning forms the basis for our thinking. We believe real change on employee journey model comes when people feel encouraged and empowered to take proactive initiative, instead of waiting for instructions from their peers. Which is why we’ve developed a suite of tools focused on getting feedback throughout the entire employee journey – with the purpose of learning for organisational improvement from within.

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Employee journey model

Effectory has developed an approach and tools that fit with an employee’s journey or career at an organisation. During that time, employees perform different types of work in different departments and project teams. We not only look at an individual annual engagement survey, we look at the entire process of gathering and providing insights into engagement and other strategic drivers: from onboarding, pulse surveys, team scans, engagement measurements, through to their exit. This allows companies to get a clear picture of the employee journey model and to take appropriate actions for improvement at every stage of employment.

Our tools and dashboards are developed to fit with the highest performing companies that operate from a trust-based culture. Research results should be the starting point for dialogue, whether on a team, geographical, business unit or corporate level.

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