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Feedback is what it’s all about at Effectory International. Organisations provide the feedback that helps move their own organisation forward, whether that’s from their own employees or internal clients. For us, feedback is also the main source that drives development and innovation in our products.


At the end of 2011, Effectory International began customer panels. When it comes to development, we’re never standing still, and customer feedback on products is a massive contribution in moving us forward. Through surveys and other projects, we get a steady stream of feedback, and most of it we implement immediately. For our future products, co-creation is essential, and creating a customer panel makes is possible: it gives us, on a regular basis, keen insight into what customers want and need. Post-development, that same sharp eye is invaluable to test whether our innovation really meets your needs.

Innovation is best together! Guido Heezen, (owner and founder) explains: “The customer panel is a form of social innovation we would wish for everyone, where we can work proactively for our clients. We get real customer feedback on our services and products, and it gives us a picture of what works, what plays well, and how we should respond. You take advantage of your core user base, whether it’s employees or customers, to improve and optimize your organisation.”

The result

The last year has been marked by innovation in terms of two challenging questions:

  • How do we provide a modern, user-friendly way of understanding employee survey results?
  • How do we ensure that everyone in the organisation gets to access the results?

By working with the customer panel, we aimed to reflect on what’s really important, which is the first step towards a new way of getting results and putting them into action. So at each meeting of the customer panel, we assessed what we’d already developed, and our Result & Action app is a direct result. The work isn’t done yet, but with feedback from our clients, Effectory will continue to innovate.


The Effectory customer panel consist of ten clients. These clients are committed to spending half a day with each other – and us! – three to four times a year, where we look at the best employee and internal customer surveys in the world. We are tremendously honored that our customers invest some of their time offering feedback with us, both on the customer panel and in other ways. So thank you. It’s you that helps us keep on innovating!

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