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Jessica Nuboer

Join Effectory and Alchemize in Cape Town, November 7th, 2017, for a free joint event and learn about the why, what, and how of employee engagement in South Africa.

Are you irresistible to your employees?

Meet, discuss and learn with fellow senior business leaders, HR directors, strategist and internationally acclaimed experts in an interactive setting. Listen, interact and learn about the impact of engaged employees on business performance.  

Engagement 101

What is employee engagement? How do you facilitate it in your daily business activities? And how do you measure employee engagement for continual improvement? These three questions will be answered in an informative and interactive session by Effectory.

More and more organizations are using the power of social innovation: they use the ideas and creativity of their employees and customers to gain a head start on their competitors and to optimize their own innovation processes. When he’s not helping his clients, he’s preaching the engagement gospel at conferences and corporate strategy meetings.

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About Alchemize

Alchemize is a young South African / Dutch consulting company, passionate about helping small-medium, and large companies find and bring out the gold in their people, teams and business performance. With a fundament of 25+ years of combined formal senior business management, the experts at Alchemize bring in a ‘touch of magic’ in the consulting and coaching experience. Together, we co-create unique change trajectories that make a deep and long-lasting impact.

About Effectory

Based in Amsterdam, Effectory is Europe’s largest independent employee survey provider, with over 20 years of experience in helping organisations become sustainably successful. We believe the key to sustainable success, is through gathering and listening to employee feedback. To facilitate this, we offer a variety of feedback tools which enable companies to learn from their employees and improve from within.

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