People pulse surveys: use employee feedback to improve customer service

Alexander Pietrus

Employee surveys often focus on engagement, retention and other HR-related topics. Yet your people have incredible insight into your business objectives that extends beyond HR. Client-facing employees, for example, know first-hand what’s working and what’s not for your customers. Using people pulse surveys, you can quickly and easily discover the biggest opportunities for improvement from the people who know best.

Pulse surveys: use employee feedback to improve customer service

“I’m sorry, that’s not our policy…” How many times have you experienced frustration when a customer service agent ‘cannot do anything’ to address your request? Or maybe you’ve been endlessly referred to the manager and then the manager’s manager…

Yes? Well, you’re not alone.

According to this recent report, 39% of customers surveyed said that they would simply stop using the services of a company after receiving poor customer service. Put differently, customer service is often the make or break of an organization.

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Many organizations use technology to speed up and enhance customer experience, but what it really comes down to is communication.

Communication seems to be the hardest word: Part 1 – how leaders can improve communication with their people.

Asking frustrated customers to share their experience is a start but it may not necessarily paint an accurate picture of which issues need to be addressed and how. Sometimes to get to the crux of the issue you need to dig deeper.

Perhaps your employees are overloaded and thus stressed. Or it could be that they lack the resources they need to look after your customer effectively.

Could it be that clear guidelines on how to interact with customers are lacking? Our data shows that 47% of employees surveyed report that they lack role clarity.

People pulse survey to take immediate action

A fast and effective way to detect tangible patterns at your organization, and get to the bottom of why – in your employee’s eyes – something may be amiss, is by checking in with them using a people pulse survey. 

Approaches to organizational change initiatives are becoming increasingly agile. Frequent measurements give you a more detailed view of what changes are needed to make sure your people are using their time and effort most efficiently. 

Regular people pulse surveys help you understand how changes made in Q1 impact your initiatives in Q2, and whether further improvements are needed for Q3 (and so on).

Quick and more frequent check-ins

People pulse surveys are great for tracking important drivers like customer service, but they can also be used for any business initiative or HR related matter (including the employee experience too).

People pulse surveys are ideal for:

  • quickly, easily, and more frequently tracking the same theme at regular intervals (e.g. monthly or quarterly),
  • collecting data on time-sensitive topics that require immediate or ongoing action,
  • measuring progress on company-wide HR initiatives, such as inclusion and diversity, and
  • collecting ongoing employee feedback about specific projects.

How to gather feedback from your employees

The step-by-step guide to creating your employee engagement survey.


The Effectory people pulse survey lets your employees to speak up about what’s going well and what needs improvement at the right time. If you’re looking for a fully managed solution, our employee engagement specialists will ensure you ask the most pertinent questions tailored to your specific needs, and will help you understand how to strategically address the answers.

Once equipped with the right data, you can take action and devise a customer experience that will ensure your customers keep coming back to your organization. Your employees will love it too!


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