The road to recovery: responding to COVID-19 successfully and sustainably

Merel van der Lei

In these unprecedented times, we’ve continued to listen to and learn from the experiences of organizations, employees and crises from the past. Ever since the lock-down hit us, we’ve done more than 175 COVID-19 Workforce pulses for organizations. Enabling them to connect with over 75.000 employees, no matter the distance.

The road to recovery: responding to COVID-19 successfully and sustainably

Connection is a key element in recovering from the situation caused by COVID-19. We distinguish three phases in connecting with employees and learning from their experiences and ideas. 


When uncertainty hits you, it is crucial to respond clearly. To ensure you take the proper measures. And to enable your people to perform and to collaborate, despite the situation. At Effectory we used Pulse surveys to gain insights in how morale is keeping up, if employees are experiencing their working from home as productive and how opportunities can still be found and utilized.


After responding to the changing status quo it is an ideal scenario to embrace the opportunities the situations might bring. Use it as a reset and prepare for the future. How do your employees envision what you do and the way you work now?


Additionally, be ready to set the stage for your recovery. The key to any recovery is having a clear focus on what will enable your recovery the most. Using the wisdom of your crowd in determining new opportunities for your business, your organization and your people will give you a headstart.

Effectory COVID-19 Workforce Pulse

Use our COVID-19 Workforce Pulses to gain insights in employees’ wellbeing, enablement & communication to bounce back faster and stronger.

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What we’ve learned

From our Effectory COVID-19 Workforce pulses we’ve discovered that morale is high across countries and industries. Despite some expected start-up obstacles, most organizations were capable of responding to the crisis adequately and confidently. The big question is, how will this situation affect your business continuity and employee wellbeing in the long run? And what can you as an organization do to prepare for the next few months?

We are now entering a new phase in the COVID-19 pandemic: where the dust, as far as possible, is settling a bit. And where the lockdown is lifted inch by inch. At the same time, we know that the lockdown might press down again at any moment. Uncertainty continues. So this is the time to rethink what you are doing and how you are doing it. Is the current way of working sustainable for the future? Will your employees be able to continue working in the same way for an extended period of time?

Unequivocally, there will also be a need to look further ahead. How to recover from the situation that was pressed on us all so unexpectedly. The need to discover what will keep your business, your organization and your people healthy in the long run. And what new opportunities your employees see for the future.

Prepare for your recovery with the Effectory COVID-19 Workforce pulses

For all three phases during these unprecedented times – respond, rethink and recover – we have developed relevant pulses within our Effectory COVID-19 Workforce Pulse series. As a product visionary, it has been tremendously gratifying to discover and design listening solutions helping organizations connect, adapt and move forward. To offer everyone the chance to connect, our pulses are freely available till June 1. Contact us if you want to know more!

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