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Josje Hoek

Effectory International’s most comprehensive employee survey, accurately maps what is going on in your organisation. Whether this is per company, business unit or team, it enables you to monitor the state of all the important HR factors at every level.

The employee survey gives you an insight into all the drivers that influence your organisational performance. One team might struggle with their workload, whereas another may be coping with bad leadership. By working on the right drivers, you will see that your employees’ attitudes and opinions improve across the board.

Moreover, the employee survey indicates what is positively or negatively impacting each factor, making it easy for you to determine what action to take. The result? The success of your business will improve significantly.

To perform as an organisation…

… you have to have employees…

You can only perform well if you have the right employees, working in the right environment. This will increase loyalty, resulting in a lower risk of absenteeism and undesired turnover. Your employees should also be able to cope with their daily tasks mentally and physically. This is what is meant by vitality. In order to attract new employees, it is important that you have a strong, attractive employer brand. Can your current employees pinpoint why others should choose to work for your organisation?

…who are willing to go the extra mile…

Are your employees willing to go the extra mile? In addition to being right for the job, they also need to be energetic and engaged in order for you to perform well. It is essential that they have the right attitude towards their work and your organisation. Highly engaged (affectively committed and intrinsically motivated) employees are those who take initiative and are always on the lookout for opportunities to improve and succeed. This is in contrast to (only) committed employees, who also have a good attitude but instead of taking initiative they will do as they are told. In fact, employee commitment can have a less positive side. You may have employees who dig in their heels and bring your organisation to a halt. This is because they are not willing to change or feel that they do not have any alternative to staying with your organisation. It is important to identify these employees so that you can take action.

…and who are able to achieve excellent performance!

In order to contribute to the success of your organisation, your employees have to be able to achieve excellent performance. From an employee’s perspective, being present at work and having the right attitude is what makes the difference. However, you are responsible for creating the right environment and enabling your employees to work as effectively and efficiently as possible. This means, for example, providing an IT platform, training, the correct tools and equipment, as well as clearly defining employees’ tasks (role clarity). These will ensure that your employees focus on the right things, in the right way. Good leadership is related to role clarity: with the correct guidance, employees will understand their role in the bigger picture. The more clarity you can provide, the more will get done in less time, which will improve productivity and reduce stress. The result is that employees’ engagement will rise and they will be able to devote themselves to serving internal or external clients (customer orientation).

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